Rip my heart out
Why won't ya? 

Fic to make you cry your eyes out. 

Everyone survive the Battle of Five... except Bilbo. 

Epic retelling of the known story XD
december bitches!

Just yeah. 

I bought a TV and a DVD player
december bitches!
Just so I can watch The Hobbit when it comes out on dvd. 

..I am lost to the world...

And this is a good TV too, 32 inches, LED, HD, the works - just so my Hobbit viewing experience is full class. 

...someone stun me...

Prompt Fill that makes me very satisfied!

PPL are willing to fill up my prompt on hobbit_kink!!! 

And it's gloriousT_____T

Prompts on Hobbit/Sherlock AUCollapse )

The fills, oh the fills *__*

Flame. wow.
Oin bullshit
I got my first flame. 


It's awesome. 

FlameCollapse )

Which makes me want to wonder if the commenter ever watched Ladyhawke at all. 

And, well, I have nothing really to say:)

Soo yeah...I am writing fanfiction again.
bilbo reading
...I am totally writing Hobbit fanfiction now, who would've thought=_=

Especially that I've never felt comfortable in Tolkien's universe - in my head he was always considered to be some kind of a fellow fanfic writer and so using his creation always felt like some kind of fandomish faux pas; like setting my story in a verse made up by someone who is much more proficient at utilising it. That's why I never took to LotR fanfiction.

No problems like that with Hobbit, to, none at all. Maybe because this story seems much more open? Less driven by "OMGworldsisendingSAURONringMORDORmisterfroooodoooOhBoromir!lookaWAR!!" There's just a bunch of guys on a mission to reclaim their home and one hobbit lost between them.

I like it better.

WHICH however...

Which doesn't explain why I decided to fill a prompt asking for a Hobbit/Ladyhawke AU. With dwarves changing into animals.

No explanation for that one. None what so ever. 

About yesterday I realised that I've spent a significant portion of the last week in Middle Earth - which did't happen since I was reading LoTR years and years ago. 

It was instantly followed by a realisation that I prefer Hobbt to the Fellowship anyday if the week - it's more enteraining while still letting the scenery breathe, characters are more endearing and, truth to be told, the Company more is my kind of people than the Fellowship wasXD It may be the reason why I've already watched it about 12 times >___> 

Infinite fun to be had, especially with fandom that cries tears of pain and then pops retcon like candy and just enjoys;) 

This Year, Have it good - and my Yuletide
Gosh, it has to be said: 


Have it better than the last one, have it good and calm and safe (with an odd adventure thrown in here and there, because what's life...)

2012 was a year full of ups and downs for me, and I was away from the pack and general human activity most of the time. But at the end it started to even out and now I am pretty content.
I graduated this year, got my own flat and a plan for life that may work out yet.

Nice accent at the end of the year was Yuletide exchange:) I've got two very nice stories:

The elves of Bethmoora Nuada/John fic from Hellboy. It's verrrry nice and I love it. I WILL make this pairing a Thing if that's the last thing I doXD 
Mip Fya'o short, lovely Avatar story about the only character I've ever paid attention to in the movie:

Dear Yuletide Author post
Hello, kind soul. Here you can read a little bit more about my requests:)

Onwards!Collapse )

Life, new fandoms and messed up siblings. And TYGRA.
Long time no post:) 

Life is going slowly forward. Having no money is  a bitch, but I can deal, I guess. It's not that I am not used to itXD At least I have my own place and don't have to squeeze with some other people which is a blessing in disguise.

Also, as I have completely no will to write anything at the moment (and Heartstone weeps) I am dipping my feet in some new fandoms. Tin Man, Grimm and, recently, new series of Thundercats (2011).

And, surprisingly, this series makes me very happy because:
- character re-design rocks. 
- animation is verrrrry good. 
- planet full of non-humans and I am sold.
- much needed plot re-hash.

As far as I am concerned this series is a simple, run of the mill, boy-oriented fun - that includes bits and pieces of serious issues like racism (gasp!) and privilege (gasp!!) that tumblr would love to 'discuss' (lol). But what sold it for me is completely new take on the relationship between main hero, Lion-o (who is a real teenager this time, not just a teen in adult body) and Tygra (who this time is his adopted brother and right asshole). I have rarely seen such messed up family relations as between these two - and I am including poster siblings for messedness Thor and Loki here=_=    

I mean, damn son, this is completely unexpected take on the 'adopted son' business.

To explain: Collapse )




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